[ { "title": "Policy driven, credential delegation for single sign on and secure access to network resources", "publication_date": "2006/26/05", "number": "07913084", "url": "/2006/05/26/policy-driven-credential-delegation-for-single-sign-on-and-secure-access-to-network-resources/", "abstract": "A credential security support provider (Cred SSP) is provided that enables any application to securely delegate a user's credentials from the client, via client side Security Support Provider (SSP) software, to a target server, via server side SSP software in a networked computing environment. The Cred SSP of the invention provides a secure solution that is based in part upon a set of policies, including a default policy that is secure against a broad range of attacks, which are used to control and restrict the delegation of user credentials from a client to a server. The policies can be for any type of user credentials and the different policies are designed to mitigate a broad range of attacks so that appropriate delegation can occur for given delegation circumstances, network conditions, trust levels, etc. Additionally, only a trusted subsystem, e.g., a trusted subsystem of the Local Security Authority (LSA), has access to the clear text credentials such that neither the calling application of the Cred SSP APIs on the server side nor the calling application of the Cred SSP APIs on the client side have access to clear text credentials.", "owner": "Microsoft Corporation", "owner_city": "Redmond", "owner_country": "US" } ]