[ { "title": "Method, apparatus and program product to use factory-defined multiple MAC addresses for virtual NICS", "publication_date": "2006/21/12", "number": "07843821", "url": "/2006/12/21/method-apparatus-and-program-product-to-use-factorydefined-multiple-mac-addresses-for-virtual-nics/", "abstract": "Apparatus, methods and computer program products are disclosed for specifying a MAC identifier for a network-interface-device that includes multiple universally administered MAC identifiers and connects to a network through a port. The network-interface-device accepts data packets received through the port if the data packets contain a destination address that matches any active MAC identifier. The method includes reserving a first and second universally administered MAC identifiers from the available universally administered MAC identifiers. The first universally administered MAC identifier and the second universally administered MAC identifier are respectively associated with a first and second resource of the network-interface-device. The MAC identifier is assigned to one of the first or second resource and activated. Other aspects include apparatus logics and program products that perform the method.", "owner": "Oracle America, Inc.", "owner_city": "Redwood Shores", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Cloth application programmer interface", "publication_date": "2006/07/12", "number": "08327388", "url": "/2006/12/07/cloth-application-programmer-interface/", "abstract": "A method of executing a physics simulation is performed in a system comprising a computational platform, a main application stored in the computational platform, a secondary application stored in the computational platform, and a cloth application programming interface (API) implemented in the computational platform. The method defines a cloth simulation call in the cloth API, and by operation of the main application, invokes a software routine using the cloth simulation call. Additionally, by operation of the secondary application, a state of the physics simulation is updated in response to the software routine.", "owner": "NVIDIA Corporation", "owner_city": "Santa Clara", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Method and system for modeling runtime behavior", "publication_date": "2006/12/10", "number": "08904339", "url": "/2006/10/12/method-and-system-for-modeling-runtime-behavior/", "abstract": "A method (and system) of modeling runtime behavior for a software application includes limiting a portion of a run to be analyzed using criteria that define an analysis scenario, structuring events of the analysis scenario as a flow of logical content through a plurality of transformations, applying labels to elements of the flow, and generating a behavior signature for the analysis scenario based on the labels.", "owner": "International Business Machines Corporation", "owner_city": "Armonk", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Software distribution over a network", "publication_date": "2006/31/08", "number": "08024399", "url": "/2006/08/31/software-distribution-over-a-network/", "abstract": "Methods, systems, and computer program products for software distribution include providing and receiving application-specific information, services, and software component elements over a network.", "owner": "Twintech E.U., Limited Liability Company", "owner_city": "Wilmington", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Software and method that enables selection of on-line content from one of a plurality of network content service providers in a single action", "publication_date": "2006/31/08", "number": "09111604", "url": "/2006/08/31/software-and-method-that-enables-selection-of-online-content-from-one-of-a-plurality-of-network-content-service-providers-in-a-single-action/", "abstract": "Methods, systems, and computer program products for using a transport function to provide and receive identifications of content available over a network and to provide and receive user-selected content over the network.", "owner": "Intellectual Ventures I LLC", "owner_city": "Wilmington", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Providing and receiving content over a wireless communication system", "publication_date": "2006/31/08", "number": "08069204", "url": "/2006/08/31/providing-and-receiving-content-over-a-wireless-communication-system/", "abstract": "Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing and receiving content over a wireless communication system, including off-line presentation of stored retrieved content is provided. The method includes receiving and storing an information object from a remote information object source for off-line use. Content from the stored information object is presented and includes information to construct a request for an additional information object from the remote information object source. A constructed request for an additional information object is sent to the remote information object source over the wireless network. After receiving the requested additional information object from the remote information object source, the content from the additional information object can be subsequently stored and presented.", "owner": "Twintech E.U., Limited Liability Company", "owner_city": "Wilmington", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Bandwidth saving system and method for communicating self describing messages over a network", "publication_date": "2006/21/04", "number": "08855143", "url": "/2006/04/21/bandwidth-saving-system-and-method-for-communicating-self-describing-messages-over-a-network/", "abstract": "The enclosed system and method provides a means by which metadata-encoded or otherwise self-describing messages can be communicated, stored or otherwise utilized at a greatly reduced message size. This is accomplished for a given message through decomposing it into message metadata and message data, using a hash of the message metadata along with the message data to represent the message while in its decomposed form absent of original message metadata, and subsequently recomposing the message from the message metadata and message data using the hash as a reference. The method disclosed herein exploits detected repetition of sets of metadata, deriving benefit each time a hash is communicated, stored or otherwise used in lieu of a set of metadata, the hash being smaller in size than the set of metadata itself.", "owner": "", "owner_city": "", "owner_country": "" }, { "title": "Automated interface-specification generation for enterprise architectures", "publication_date": "2006/09/03", "number": "08347214", "url": "/2006/03/09/automated-interfacespecification-generation-for-enterprise-architectures/", "abstract": "In a computer-implemented method, a data set characterizing a first enterprise application is received. The data set is organized into a model. A set of standards is applied to the model, yielding a set of computer-executable instructions operable to enable implementation of an interface between the first enterprise application and a second enterprise application.", "owner": "Cisco Technology, Inc.", "owner_city": "San Jose", "owner_country": "US" } ]