[ { "title": "Secondary pools", "publication_date": "2006/13/11", "number": "08069321", "url": "/2006/11/13/secondary-pools/", "abstract": "Methods and apparatus for generating a secondary pool of data are disclosed. A primary pool of data is obtained or identified, where the primary pool of data includes a primary seed and one or more generations of data, wherein each of the generations of data in the primary pool of data includes one or more data blocks that have changed with reference to a safeset corresponding to a previous backup, the safeset corresponding to the previous backup including (e.g., referencing) the primary seed. A secondary pool of data is generated and at least a portion of the data in the primary pool of data is transferred to the secondary pool of data.", "owner": "i365 Inc.", "owner_city": "Santa Clara", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Architecture for a system and method for work and revenue management", "publication_date": "2006/01/11", "number": "08918506", "url": "/2006/11/01/architecture-for-a-system-and-method-for-work-and-revenue-management/", "abstract": "There is disclosed a system and method for processing requests over an architecture. The architecture may utilize logical partitioning to distribute work load across multiple logical servers in an efficient manager. The system may comprise a router, a directory, at least one logical server, and a wallet server. The router may receive a request from a consumer via the consumer's device and extract a value from the request that identifies the consumer. The router may access the directory, which may contain a map that matches consumers with logical servers, to determine which logical server to forward the request to. The router may then pass the request to the determined logical server. The logical server may process the request by utilizing both generic and network or market specific plug-in processing. If the logical server determines that it does not have the necessary resources or loans to complete a request, then it may communicate with the wallet server to obtain additional loans of wallets containing usage resource. The logical server may generate a reply to the router for audit and transaction assurance, to generate an optional acknowledgement to the system generating the external request.", "owner": "Netcracker Technology Solutions Inc.", "owner_city": "Cincinnati", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "System, apparatus and method for discovery of music within a social network", "publication_date": "2006/28/08", "number": "08572169", "url": "/2006/08/28/system-apparatus-and-method-for-discovery-of-music-within-a-social-network/", "abstract": "A system, apparatus, and method to assist in the discovery of music or other content by members of a social network. The present invention permits network members to network together and share information about their music collections and listening habits with a processing platform and with each other. The processing platform processes music library content and playback related data to produce similarity and compatibility measures between artists (that is, an artist-to-artist measure) and between network members (that is, a network member-to-network member measure). By combining the content and playback related data with filtering mechanisms, recommendation techniques (which may be based on the calculated measures), and set membership concepts, the present invention provides network members of the network with tools to discover artists and/or songs that are likely to be of interest to them.", "owner": "Myspace, LLC", "owner_city": "Beverly Hills", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "System and method for developing and processing building system control solutions", "publication_date": "2006/26/06", "number": "08191051", "url": "/2006/06/26/system-and-method-for-developing-and-processing-building-system-control-solutions/", "abstract": "A system automatically generates building system application solutions. The system includes a system design verifier and a system design converter. The system design verifier is configured to verify an application definition. The system design converter is coupled to the system design verifier, and is configured to convert verified application definitions into computer statements that are executable on a processor to implement a building system application solution that corresponds to the application definition.", "owner": "Siemens Industry, Inc.", "owner_city": "Alpharetta", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Methods and apparatus for modifying a backup data stream including a set of validation bytes for each data block to be provided to a fixed position delta reduction backup application", "publication_date": "2006/01/02", "number": "07676509", "url": "/2006/02/01/methods-and-apparatus-for-modifying-a-backup-data-stream-including-a-set-of-validation-bytes-for-each-data-block-to-be-provided-to-a-fixed-position-de/", "abstract": "Methods and apparatus for modifying a data stream of backup data to be provided to a fixed position delta reduction backup method are disclosed. When the data stream is received, at least a portion of the data stream is parsed into a plurality of data blocks and a plurality of sets of validation bytes, wherein each of the plurality of data blocks corresponds to one of the plurality of sets of validation bytes. One or more modified data streams are then generated such that the plurality of data blocks are separate from the plurality of sets of validation bytes.", "owner": "i365 Inc.", "owner_city": "Santa Clara", "owner_country": "US" } ]